About us

Melkam74 is a Free Amharic Digital Magazine issued under the ownership of YOSA Advertising®. The magazine is established with the aim of informing the youth and encouraging the culture of reading. The magazine is issued every month and covers wider areas of concern.

This is the official website of Melkam74 Digital Magazine. On this website, in addition to the monthly issues of our digital magazine, you will find news and information gathered from all around the world.

About the Team

YOSA Advertising® is founded by two energetic youth focused on making change in the world of media and advertising.

Chimdesa Emiru
Mr. Chimdesa is the founder & CEO of YOSA Advertising® Company. An Electrical and Computer Engineer by profession, Certified Graphics Designer, Photographer, Videographer and video Editor. In addition, has produced music videos and also participated in social media advertising campaigns. With special interest in company branding and creative campaigning, Mr. Chimdesa is graphics designer of Meklam74 Free Amharic Digital Magazine.


Samuel Adamu
Mr. Samuel is the founder of YOSA Advertising®. He has worked for a number of media companies in the country. Synergy Habesha Films and Communication, Solar Film Production, and Rift Valley Film Production are some among many. Mr. Samuel is currently the photographer of Melkam74 free Amharic digital magazine. He has specialized in photography & Videography and editing with special interest in advertising videos, documentary, and feature films.


Bethlehem Ambachew
A Lawyer by training, Bethlehem is currently the editor in chief of Melkam74 Free Amharic Digital Magazine. With a great passion for media, Bethlehem is a media freedom advocate, women’s right activist and an environmentalist actively engaged with women’s right movements; the Yellow Movement and the Setaweet Movement. She is also a certified graphics designer. Youth empowerment through information and knowledge and calling for attention for sustainable growth is what she wants to achieve.